Neon Cake, Knitted Lemons and Shopping.

Yes, Christmas is a mere 13 days away and that is why I have been frantically working all hours. I’ve been buying presents in my spare time which has left me little time to blog regularly. I am working boxing day which will be a real hard slog in the day…at least it’s double pay but I am not looking forward to the mad shoppers who don’t care if a sales assistant is standing in between her and a heavily reduced garment.
So, recently I went down to London for a few days and I thought I would share this photo of a neon pink muffin. So many novelty muffins/cupcakes often taste sugary sweet and not as good as they look. However these CandyCakes are actually pretty damn good! I got them from a little cafe in Kingly Court which is just off Carnaby Street, away from all the mad crowds down Oxford Street.

Newburgh street is also home to Beyond the Valley which is always worth a special visit to see what they have in store. A sort of gallery/boutique all rolled into one and opened by 3 Central St Martins graduates, it’s fun, fresh and the people are friendly too. Price tags are well, a little pricy but it’s nice to have a browse around anyway. I did buy some earrings which I’ve had my eye on for a while and they are tucked under the Christmas Tree as my parents so nicely donated the money towards them.
They are black laser cut perspex earrings by Kyo Hashimoto. They are so pretty and I am so glad that I managed to get hold of them. Even the little pouch (designed especially by Hashimoto is pretty)

I also spotted the really amazing, festive facade for menswear boutique Cinch!. I couldn’t help but take a photo! I also bought a Knitted fruit basket for my friend’s birthday. I bought it online but it’s from another shop located in Kingly Court called All the fun at the fair which specialises in knitted goods and haberdashery. It’s a bit of a running joke with my friend as she is vegan and always gets a fruit basket off her aunt and uncle for Christmas. So I saw the knitted fruit and knew it was a winner seeing as she is also a fan of knitted things. However, I looked a little silly yesterday on the way to see her, I dropped the basket and had knitted fruit rolling down the road. Onlookers didn’t know what to think when they saw a girl chasing after knitted lemons and oranges down the road…

Finally, to round off the post here is an outfit!

I’m wearing…
Polo Shirt (H&M)
Belt (River Island)
Skirt (TopShop)
Cardi (Urban Outfitters)
Necklace (Therapy, House of Fraser)

I also wore some black tights because it has been so frosty! I’ve mentioned before that I don’t usually wear red but I do love this colour combination. I’ve decided it is time to start wearing some more red, especially for this festive season! Hope everyone has finished or well on their way to finishing their Christmas shopping! I’m off to munch on a mince pie or two! Yum!