Ideas and Toasty Toes.

So it’s that time of year again where Shops are now playing Christmas music, decorations around the city are up and Mince Pies are fully stocked in the Supermarkets. It always surprises me how fast it comes round each year. I can’t believe that there are some people who have completed their shopping already! So far, I have bought one sisters present but also a few bits for my youngest sister. I have no idea what do get my mom let alone my dad. Why are dad’s so difficult to buy for? Trouble is, they always have everything they want! What are you all going to get for your Dads?

I’m wearing…

Grey Sweater (American Apparel)

Blue Dress (HK)

Woolly Tights (TopShop)

Belt (New Look)

Stone Necklace (Market)

Lots of warm layers in this outfit because it’s just sooo cold! I’m so pleased how the camera managed to capture the bright blue and red in the first photo! I really love how versatile the dress is but haven’t had chance to wear it fully unbuttoned as a cardigan yet. Only time will tell! I felt like a new age Snow White or something with the contrasting red bow and blue dress. Hopefully I don’t look too Disney though seeing as people already think I am much younger than I am!

Speaking of cold weather, I have been wearing my boots a lot lately, kept extra toasty with some fun socks. My absolute favourite are my pac man socks which were a gift from my sister which are from Topshop. Mmmm. Toasty.

Socks-wise the Swedish company, happy socks have some pretty bright colours and I love their new approach to socks (after all, we all wear them don’t we?) I’ve got to say that when it is Winter time, I live in tights and fun socks so these are definitely right up my street!

I was also casually browsing Luella and I have spotted such a cute bag in the sale. It’s only avaliable in the tan colour now but prefer the Navy.

Having said that I prefer the Navy, I can’t help but click back and stare wistfully at the screen. I am so tempted seeing as it is payday tomorrow as the price has gone from £425 to £190. Ok that’s it, I have to log off and get away from the computer. Too dangerous!