Morning Sunshine and Grandma’s Cardi.

Knowing that you have to get up and go into work in the early hours of the morning can be pretty tough. Especially when you know your day consists of waiting at fitting rooms, finding shoes and tapping on the tempermental tills all day long. It’s not all bad though, the staff are lovely and it’s nice to arrive at a completely silent and empty shopping mall. The Selfridges building has never looked more appealing in all its scaly glory. The Neo Gothic church that is St Martins, who has found itself in the midst of an area which has been complelety regenerated, stands proudly, sihouetted in the morning sunshine. It’s actually quite nice!

I have been quite busy the past few days and so my day off today was much appreciated. My computer was at the evil clutches of a virus and I despaired of not being able to use it for days. Luckily I got rid of it but unfortunately the cost was to reboot my computer to it’s factory settings. So my laptop now believes it to be 2005 and is brand spanking new again. It made me realise just how much I use my computer!, it’s definitely a love hate relationship!

I’m wearing…
Cardigan (It was my grandmas)
Belt (New Look)
Jeans (H&M)
Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
Shoes (Barrats)

Sorry about the lighting, I must remember to take photos in the daytime! It is getting so dark again already and the recent wind and rain that we’ve been having assures me that Autumn/Winter has definitely arrived. I really like the cable knit cardigan that was given to me by my grandma when I was in HK. It’s so comfy and warm (like a big hug!) and of course reminds me of my grandma. It’s always that much nicer when your grandpa (or in my case grandma) cardigan is the genuine thing! I have been considering taking the toggle buttons off but I don’t want to attack it yet! Hmmm….