Please sir, can I have some more?

Today I bid farewell to my aunts and grandparents who have been such wonderful company for the past 3 weeks. They head back to Hong Kong tonight and everyday after work I have been spoilt with all kinds of dishes they have cooked up! The last few days were no exception and they even made Shark fin soup which was more than just a treat. It’s a soup that is usually reserved for wedding feasts or special occasions in the Chinese tradition. However it is a dish that is not held with the same kind of fervour with the western world which is completely understandable. It does make me think twice but is too deeply ingrained with what I’ve grown up with. It’s a bit of a paradox.Today it was my youngest sister’s 11th birthday and we celebrated with a lovely lunch. We had homemade congee, sweet potato dumplings (each with a little piece of Chinese rock sugar inside) and other dishes that I don’t know the translation in English such as ‘ma tay gow” which is a sweet glutinous jelly dish that has been pan fried and ‘Lor bak gow’ which is a pan fried (Chinese)turnip dish. The latter is really yummy dipped in chili sauce! Delish!
Also not forgetting the lovely Black forest kirsch that was the lucky girl’s birthday cake!
I realise these last two posts have been heavily food related. There is no surprise that other than fashion, food is definitely one of my passions! I am sure you don’t mind and it’s nice to change from the usual routine but let’s balance it out a bit with an outfit post! The photo was taken in the birthday girl’s room and it’s not a secret who her favourite cartoon character is. To be fair, I still have a soft spot for the oddly proportioned cat too.

I’m Wearing…
Dress (French Connection)
Belt (TopShop)
Leggings (TopShop)

The house is going to be a quiet place without them! Though, at least I no longer have to share my room with my sister when she returns for brief visits during term time at Uni!