I love the colours of Autumn, especially the beautiful shades of orange in the trees. Though for me, Orange is a colour I rarely wear, mostly because it’s just one of those colours where you just have to find the right shade. I am the same with red too and up until recently, yellow. However last Summer I bought two yellow dresses hoping to break the cycle. Maybe I can do the the same with red? Are there any colours that you find hard to wear?

I’m wearing…
Cardi (Urban Outfitters)
Dress (HK)
Belt (Vintage)
Navy Tights (Topshop)
Oxfords (Topshop)
Necklace (HK)

I have been looking for some black Oxfords for a long time and I couldn’t let this pair from Topshop pass me by. They are a teeny bit too big but nothing that an insole hasn’t sorted out for me! I’m off to work in a bit for a meeting (on a Sunday?!) but at least I get paid for it. They offered me a full time job working in the stock room but I told them I would rather work on the floor with people! Imagine being cooped up in a warm stockroom with only the generator for company!