Just my cup of tea…and more pudding.

No work on Monday means Winnie has far too much time on her hands. Yesterday I planned on going shopping for a few necessities but in the end I couldn’t be bothered to travel out to the mall where I work everyday on a day off. So instead I stayed in with my mug of tea and assortment of cakes and desserts that have been left behind by the skilled cooks that are my aunts! I’m going to turn into a fatty (at least the AA sweater I’m wearing is roomy!)

Above is Sago pudding which is made from tapioca and red bean, and this is the jelly form. I also like it in the soup form too which is flavoured with coconut and taro. As I gobbled it up in the kitchen I could smell the gorgeous scent of these lilies. Yum Yum!

I’m Wearing…
Grey sweater (American Apparel)
Shorts (TopShop)
Leggings (Topshop- I swear I am always in leggings!)
Belt (Izzue, Hong Kong)
Necklaces (Metal Chain-H&M, Owl Chain-Hong Kong)

The Owl necklace came with one of the dresses I bought in HK (I think it was a way of charging customers that bit more for their dresses) I wasn’t that keen on it because I thought it was a bit tacky. Funnily enough the poor sod has grown on me and I find the the big, slightly alarmed eyes endearing and It’s nice layered with the other chain.
The past few posts have become more of a photo diary and I quite like the change and hope you guys like the snippets from my daily life! I’m going to try and carry my camera everywhere with me and change it up a bit from the usual routine!

Also…check out my 2 posts in a week, I haven’t done that in a while!