Skirts and Small shoes…

Well pay day came and went and I gots me a new skirt. It’s from TopShop (surprise surprise) and it’s checked with black and green. I also got a pair of shoes which I bought in the smaller size because the 4 was humungus. It seems the size 3 is a little on the small side…only time will tell if I can stretch them with my awkward sized feet otherwise my 10 year old sister already has her eyes on them. I absolutely adore the skirt and shoes but I really need to stay away from Topshop! So next week I will have to restrain myself and not set foot into the very large and enticing flagship store in Birmingham. I spend far too much time and money in there. I dug out an old bag from about 4 years ago which I customised…it’s always nice when you dig something out from years ago to find you love it as much as you did when you first bought it.

I’m wearing…
Purple Cardigan (Oasis)
Band T-shirt (Reading Festival- The Cribs)
Skirt (TopShop)
Belt (Topshop)
Small Shoes (Topshop)
Bag (Accessorize and customised)

I also got some uniform for work today and I bought this skirt as part of it. I love the colours and the fact it is wool. UKers might be able to guess where I spend my days working!