A Monochrome Wink.

Yay my camera now has a new charger courtesy of my Dad who can’t stay away from DIY stores for longer than a week. Seriously he is there all the time and comes home with stuff to fix things that don’t need to be fixed in the first place. Dads are strange.

Here is the dress I bought from TopShop a week or so ago. I really love the winking eye graphic on it, it’s just so fun! I actually don’t own much white at all apart from the one obligatory I heart NY t-shirt I got while in NY. I think I need to start buying more whites/pastel colours as there is a distinct lack of them in my multicoloured wardrobe. My sister on the other hand has a wardrobe full of browns, beiges and khaki colours…maybe I should just rummage through her wardrobe and see what I can borrow next time.
I’m wearing…black and white..!
Cardigan (H&M)
Oversized T-shirt (TopShop)
Belt (Izzue, HK)
Leggings (Topshop)

I’ve handed out a bunch of CVs so hopefully I will get some kind of job to keep me busy until next September. I am determined to get onto the graduate certificate in fashion marketing at LCF…I just ordered a bunch of books of Amazon to read on the subject which will definitely be helpful!

I’m quite excited for next Thursday as my family from HK are visiting for 3 weeks. My aunts are going to Paris the following Monday for a week and promise to bring me back Macaroons. Yum! I don’t know why most of us Brits don’t make the effort and go to Paris more often as it’s so convenient…definitely an idea to jot down in my diary!