Lollipops and skirtage.

So the master plan has been put into action for this year. Job=check! I sent out applications to both retail and admin jobs and only the retail responded. I start sometime next week which is great. Next on my list getting hold of a marketing internship which I should be able to fit in around work and would look great on my CV.

Apart from using the money from this job to fund postgraduate study I want to buy a few things that I’ve been wanting for a while! First of all…I want a new mp3 player. Possibly the Ipod Touch. I have been using my very dated analogue Sony mp3 player for the past 4 years and it’s beginning to give up on me. Maybe it is time I jumped onto the Ipod bandwagon!
I am also on the hunt for more skirts especially the tulip shaped ones but you can’t walk into a store without eyeing up all the plaid skirts. I like the Luella inspired one from Urban Outfitters.
My grandparents and aunts all arrived this morning and they came bearing gifts! I am glad that they don’t take any notice of my age and still buy me really cute presents! They got me the cutest lollipop mirror which is essentially a mirror on a stick. It’s great. They also got me some make up from Japanese make up brand Kesalan Patharan in the form of a little eyeshadow trio and a glittery blue nail polish. Too bad the mirror is a bit too conspicuous to put in my bag, it’s tempting though.