Hey guys. Sorry it’s been so slow. I broke my parent’s camera last week and was especially worried because it was bought in HK so it wasn’t covered under the warranty here. Luckily my aunts are visiting and they will take it back to HK when they return and hopefully get it fixed under the warranty. I have my own camera so I am sure there will be photos up in no time (but the camera charger has died so I need to scrape some money together to sort that one out!) So unlucky!

Also, the t-shirt from Topshop came the other day and it fits fine. It seems to come up a bit small so it was worth the risk of buying a size bigger. It is definitely a dress too rather than an oversized t-shirt. I will have to post a photo when I can!

To be honest, I haven’t really done much in the past week apart from work. I can’t say we’ve been that busy as everyone seems to be staying away from the shops and everyones favourite phrase is ‘yes, it’s because of the credit crunch’ but the gloomy news about the state of the UK economy sure isn’t helping. So it has been a case of tidying tidy rails and finding interesting things to pass the time in the department store!

I have been on the job hunt too so hopefully I will find something better soon. Aside from this I found some notes from my Japanese lessons I took last summer and decided to refresh myself on the language. It is the one country I really want to visit and I especially want to take advantage of my uncle who currently has a flat in Tokyo. Unfortunately Japan is a little pricey, have any of you guys been there or would like to?
I watch a lot of the Japanese dramas and one of the things I have always loved (especially as a result of growing up with my grandparents sending me Cantonese subbed Sailormoon and other anime) are the school uniforms.
I’ve mentioned this before, but I bought a blue and a black satin bow from Topshop. I know for sure that everyone will be wearing them! They remind me of the little bows that are so often a part of Japanese uniform and so I couldn’t help myself! I was so tempted to by a plaid one but I resisted. I really should try and make some myself and save some money!