The Bare Essentials…

What is the one thing that you wear all the time, the one thing that you can pull on because it goes with absolutely anything? All my friends have something they always wear from belts, scarves or that one necklace they can’t bear to leave the house without. For me, it’s my cheap black h&m cardigan which I bought years ago. It’s simple, does the job and goes with everything and for that reason it’s why it so often features in so many of my outfit posts.

I went out for a meal with the girls/ladies from work and of course this cardigan made yet another appearance. It was actually a much better night than I thought and it’s funny how some people come out of their shell once they’ve had a few drinks or just out of the work enviroment. I found out things about my boss which I never wanted to know in the first place! I’m not a big drinker myself as I go horribly bright red when the smallest amount of alcohol enters my system…which is not a good look even though it never ceases to amuse my friends and family. Though, it has to be said, it’s in the genes and all to do with my Chinese heritage!

I wore…

Black Cardi (H&M)
Ruffle Dress (HK)
Belt (TopShop)
Leggings (TopShop)

The dress is quite versatile because it buttons up and unbuttoned, it works as a sleeveless cardigan so I plan to layer it up in an outfit one of these days!

I helped my sister move into her halls yesterday in Liverpool (she’s a second year Law student) and she filled a suitcase with clothes and my dad was very thankful there was a lift. He said the case was easily 40kg. I on the other hand, agreed that everything she took up with her was essential and understood….as I am sure you all do too! I want to visit her one of these days as Liverpool is currently the UK’s city of culture with a brand new shopping centre. Of course there is the culture itself, and I might make a trip to Albert Docks to Liverpool Tate! Shopping then Art I think…