Never walk away from a bargain…

Yesterday my friend bought a Topshop denim jacket for £40. This reminded me of the time I went to my local high street and found a £2 Topshop denim jacket and decided not to buy it even though it was in my size. I don’t know what came over me…but I was jetting off to Hong Kong the day after so I guess I wasn’t thinking straight! I doubt it’s there anymore but I plan to peruse the charity shops tomorrow. So lesson learnt, you should never walk away from a bargain!

I am also very aware that my shopping hiatus is over! After 2 weeks of non-shopping I have finally broken and bought the following t-shirt off the Topshop website. I couldn’t find it instore and saw that online most of the sizes are selling out including size 10 which is what I usually have. Even though I am not a 12 I bought it hoping it will fit and just be a baggier fit. I figured it’s easy enough to send it back to the Store anyway for a refund.
I also couldn’t help myself and bought two bows from Topshop. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them and feel a little guilty as I could have probably made them myself. Oh well. I got a black satin one thinking it would look cute on a white shirt for future job interviews.

I’m off to meet my friends in the pub later for a bit of a catch up and some food! So I decided to dig out a skirt I got in Hong Kong. I love the shape of it because it is cut in an almost rectangular shape and drapes really nicely as well as it looking nice with the straps worn down too.

I’m wearing…
Dress worn as a top (Therapy)
Skirt (Bread and Butter, HK)
Necklace (HK)
Shoes (Stark)

I really love the rocking horse necklace and was bought for around £2.50 in HK. Not suprisingly for the price, the gold has started to fade into a bronze colour but it still looks alright. I also thought I would show you a photo of my bag bought from HK too. It’s Vivienne Westwood and I assure you I haven’t fallen into the trend of being Chinese and buying into the Westwood brand. It’s funny because the Asian countries really love her and so when I saw the 50% off sign in the window I couldn’t resist. It’s such a nice shape too!

Photos may be a little scarce as my own camera is on it’s last days and I broke my parents camera this morning. I stupidly dropped it when the lens was fully extended. I am so annoyed with myself!