New Shoes and Emerald-blue.

Tomorrow is my graduation. I am wearing a very plain blouse from TopShop and a black American Apparel skirt and then obviously everything all gets covered up by the gown. A part of me wants to wear fuchsia tights but obviously that is a big no no and I have to stick with the recommended black and white. I had to buy some new black shoes to wear and bought the cute t-bars below from French Connection which were in the sale.

I do hope the weather holds up tomorrow because it’s meant to be heavy showers so I hope we get some intermittent sunshine as that seems to be how the weather is going today. It’s especially important as everyone is eager for the outdoor shot of all the graduates bidding fairwell to Academic life and throwing their mortarboards in the air.

The skirt I am wearing in the photo was way too big and I’ve had to pin it on the side. It’s such a pretty shade, sort of an emerald with a hint of blue. It is also cut in a full circle so drapes wonderfully. I am glad to be able to bring it out and wear it again.

I have had this long hoody for ages which is by ‘Once upon a time’ for Topshop. It’s actually perfect for long flights because it’s so comfy and with it all zipped up it’s like a sleeping bag! So it was the perfect partner for my flight to and from NYC and it will definitely be coming with me on the flight to Hong Kong.

I’m Wearing…
T-shirt (TopShop)
Skirt (Somewhere in Hong Kong)
Tights (TopShop)
Belt (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes (Oasis)
Hoody (Once upon a time for Topshop)