Update :)

It has been a crazy week and I only got back from NYC on Wednesday. I was due to come back on Monday but we missed our flight which meant a 13 hour wait till our next one. Which was fine, because it was our mistake in the first place. Unfortunately the airline messed up our tickets the second time round so we had to wait till the following night to get on a plane. All in all, we were left sitting around the airport for a full 30 hours. You see people sleep overnight on tv programmes like ‘Airline’ and you think, no, it could never happen to you. Well it did and I have never been so happy to be back home. I have been catching up on sleep for the past few days and now I am back at work again.

Apart from the disaster at JFK, it was a fantastic trip. Didn’t do as much shopping as I expected but maybe we just didn’t shop hard enough! I do want to go back though and skip the sights and just do shopping ha ha. I’ve come to realise just how lucky us Brits are to have our high street shops. New York will certainly love the new TopShop opening in a couple of months. I was also shocked to discover that Urban Outfitters prices are simply swapped for £/$ signs! Cheeky. I ended up buying a couple of Abercrombie polo shirts both as presents and for myself and also the obligatory I heart NY t-shirt that will probably become a nightshirt. Other than that I think proper shopping will be left until Hong Kong where I always come home with treasures. Usually I come back from a trip, wanting to go off on holiday again and it doesn’t happen, but this time I only have to wait 2 weeks and I really will be jetting off again!

Hopefully my posts will be back to normal tomorrow! I’ll try and post a few pics too once I’ve uploaded them off my camera. I literally took hundreds. Right, off to work, Ciao for now! x