Into the New…

I was meant to go down to the high street today to see if I could hunt out some good charity shop finds seeing as I live near a high street which have about 10 charity shops all close together. I guess that will have to wait another day as I was busy helping my aunt this afternoon.

As I am lacking spending money for new clothes I have been rummaging through my wardrobe and seeing what I could give new life, much like that old denim blazer I found a month or so ago. I found this silk shrug which I have never worn out the house before. Mainly because it was bought as a uniform for work a couple of years ago and as most of you will probably understand, work clothes just tend to stay as work clothes, destined never to be worn on any other occasion. Having said that, it’s actually quite a pretty thing and I decided to wear it today and try and get out of that frame of mind seeing as it was bought a few years ago.

I’m wearing…
Silk Shrug (Principles)
Dress (French Connection)
Leggings (TopShop)
Shoes (Oasis)
Necklaces (Vintage)
Belt (Vintage)

For those in the UK, I work for House of Fraser on the Principles concession which started out as a part time job during my A levels. I think I am due for a change of scene so I am looking for a new job as soon as I am back from my holiday.

I have also been tagged by the fab Unwise Pedestrian for this blog award.

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