Futurism grey to er…bird poo.

I really like Tatty Devine jewellery but am yet to buy anything from them. My friend owns the one shown above called the swatch necklace which is made especially for the Tate Modern Shop. It consists of several swatches that are removable and relate to certain art movements, for example Futurism Grey or Fauvism yellow. She liked to pop a different combination on for different outfits which I thought was cute. I popped along to their main website and found some of the necklaces that I liked…

Here we have the following…heart shaped glasses pendant £35, Horse and carriage necklace £54, Trapeze necklace £42 and the Collar Necklace £41. Not the cheapest accessories to buy I know, which is the main reason I’m yet to fork over any cash. Though if I do find some going spare (a likely story, I know) then I would opt for the horse and carriage or the collar one. I quite like the retro appeal of the collar necklace, yet somehow the clean shape makes me think it is also bang up to date.

I also couldn’t resist picking two which I just thought were not my cup of tea at all. The popcorn necklace which is £61 is crazy. Ok sure they are made up of glass beads which does make it more interesting, but frankly I could dip some leftover popcorn into some resin or varnish and I might end up with something similar. Plus I could never buy it because I would be forever nibbling at it hoping for some yummy popcorn flavour! Next we have the bird poo brooch which fetches at £7. It is probably their cheapest item for a reason. It definitely made me laugh when I found it on their website. Well…each to their own I guess! They are having a sale now, so hurry along and see if you spot anything you like, please let me know if you opt for the bird poo!