From Typhoons to Mortarboards.

Yesterday I went into town for a bit of shopping with my mom and sister. I went into Waterstones on the hunt for a holiday book to read on the plane and also for the days when I’m simply stuck in my aunt’s flat. It’s Typhoon season and unfortunately Hong Kong has been raining for the past 6 weeks. Hopefully it will clear up and be nice and sunny for us when we arrive on Monday!

After realising I still had Haruki Murakami’s ‘The wind up bird chronicle’ to finish reading, I bought a second book to take with me but one which required less brainpower to read. You know the type. So I ended up with Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Where Rainbow’s End’ for cheesy, easy to read chick lit. I have to say that some of my favourite books are the no-brains kind which includes the likes of Sophie Kinsella’s great Shopaholic series. It’s quite funny to see them sandwiched between the likes of Alice Walker and Emile Zola, ecclectic to say the least. Also, after Imelda suggested Alicia Drake’s ‘The beautiful fall’ as a good read, I realised that I did indeed already own it but it lay forgotten among some of my things that I had brought home from Uni. So now I have lots of options for books for holiday!

Above is what I wore, I love the contrasting colours of green and purple and after pulling the purple dress out of my wardrobe I decided that the lime of the Popeye T-shirt was perfect.

I’m Wearing…

Popeye Print Tee (Urban Outfitters) Purple Dress (H&M) Belt (New Look) Tights (TopShop) Shoes (Faith)

Here is my sister again. I know we’re both short but for some reason she looks super tiny in this photo. I’m about an inch or so taller and it’s funny because my mom calls me the ‘tall’ one. Obviously I am very far from being tall in any way!

Shes wearing…

Top (Camden Market) Vest (TopShop) Belt (Vintage) Tights (TopShop) Shorts (Can’t see, but from Topshop)

I also went to my friend’s graduation on Thursday and managed to get a shot of them throwing their mortarboards up in the air. It looked awesome. I forgot to say that I didn’t have a chance to do this at mine, as the Art History department was apparently ‘too small’ for an official photo which was a bit unfair. However we did manage organise a mini one with all my course mates but I didn’t get it caught on camera, though I am sure that plenty of people did and well, facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to getting hold of photos! Right…off to finish packing!