All great things…

It has been a busy couple of days! I graduated on Friday and it was a really amazing day. Graduation took place in our University’s Edwardian great hall which dates back to 1900 when King Edward VII opened the building. The ceremony itself was quite fancy and over the top. Both Organs in the hall were put into full use and was quite dramatic. I felt like I was at some sort of coronation or something as Scepters and various important silver looking things were used to open the ceremony. It felt very prestigious and I felt very proud that this was my university that I was graduating from! I thought I would share some of the photos that were taken that day.

Above we have the clock tower which all students call ‘Old Joe’. There is a superstition that if you walk under the clock tower while it is chiming you will never graduate. After we all graduated everyone walked under it, which felt strange but liberating! It was also quite strange walking out of the hall and then realising I was walking next to a girl who I’ve known since I was about 5. It felt a bit like fate, we both went to Nursery together and then we graduated together! Below we have a sneaky photo my dad took as I entered the Great Hall to find my seat.

Here is todays outfit post from your newest graduate! Quite a casual look today but I love the contrasting colour of the blue and the yellow on the belt.

I’m Wearing…
Top (H&M- actually a dress that I shortened)
Belt (TopShop)
Jeans (H&M)
Shoes (Barrats- very cheap patents for only £5 at a closing down sale, gotta love a bargain)

I can’t believe that all I have to worry about now is packing for Hong Kong, which is in exactly a weeks time…3 weeks away means a lot of clothes to pack!