Today I had my haircut but those photos, I am afraid, will have to wait until tomorrow. I had far too much product put in my hair and it would not have made a good photo (but at least it smelled nice). Plus you never really know what the hair looks like until you have styled it yourself. I like it even though my mom said she couldn’t see that much of a difference. To be honest, she’d only notice a difference if I shaved all of it off. Don’t worry, I won’t be doing that any time soon!

I met up with my two best friends from home for a bit of birthday present shopping. I’d forgotten what they were like in many ways. I’ve always dressed differently to my friends but University has helped me find my individuality in many ways. One of my friends just laughed at me and said they missed me and my ‘strange’ fashion sense. This made me laugh because my outfits really aren’t outrageous but I should buy one of those big Johnny loves Rosie hair bows one of these days and really shock them. You know…I really have to now that I’ve said it…

In my not so strange outfit…I am wearing..
Black T Shirt (TopShop)
Strapless Jersey dress (New Look)
Light blue footless tights (Oasis)
Black flats (TopShop)
Necklace (Charity Shop)

The Background is the Selfridges building in Birmingham. Some people hate it but personally I love it. I just want to run alongside it with a big stick. Haha, Well…I guess you have to see it in person to understand this strange urge. I might try and apply for a job there soon, I do fancy a change of scenery.