Soiree Delights

Friday was my soirée and it was a lovely night and I was quite sad by the time it finished as I realised many of my friends were going home for good this weekend. Hopefully we will all be able to keep in touch as some of the girls I’ve met are really quite amazing people. Here are a couple of my photos from the night as I promised…
First this is me! All dressed up and ready to go! I didn’t have time to make a mask in the end…

I’m Wearing…
Sheena Holland Headband
Black Shrug (from Hong Kong)
Dress (Urban Outfitters)
Suede open toed heels (Lily Allen for New Look 2007)
Patent Clutch (Vintage)
Belt (Vintage)

Cakes and bags, what more could a girl want? For someone who can usually eat everything on her plate, I struggled and was forced to leave half of that custard tartlet and a bit of the brownie.

I was in love with my friends bag which is shown in the centre. It was a little 70’s chain mail bag which belonged to her mother who bought it from Hong Kong. It’s a shame my own mother didn’t keep all her bags and shoes as I am constantly spotting some kind of gem in her old photos. The worst one was a pair of vintage white Gucci sunglasses that I noticed after watching an old holiday video which I’ve been told are long gone and either sitting in a rubbish dump or sitting in someones vintage sunglasses collection. I do hope it’s the latter!

I loved my friends dress which was from a little boutique in Portsmouth. The orange was so vibrant and fun! I loved the ruffles that were vertically layered instead of the abundance of horizontally layered ones seen everywhere at the moment.
The shape was just fabulous and while not everyone can pull off orange, she certainly did and looked amazing! After eating the delicious finger buffet, dancing to the jazz band and taking hundreds of photos we went to the Uni bar and celebrated the end of the night with Baileys and Ice. Perfect!