A moment of Weakness…

It’s about time I showed you my new shoes. I bought them earlier in the week with that, ‘it’s for holiday’ excuse, in this case New York but at a stretch might apply to my July trip to Hong Kong too. I just couldn’t help myself, we all know that feeling! It’s just lucky I still have a part time job that allows me to splurge on things that I don’t really need every once in a while.

I’m Wearing…
Twisted Gold Rope Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
Black Dress (French Connection)
Green Cardigan (Oasis)
Turquoise Belt (Vintage)
Grey Footless Tights (TopShop)
Silver T-Bar pumps (Carvela)

I met up with one of the girls I’m going to New York with and we tried to find some bargains at the flea market but didn’t spot anything. Sometimes it is full of gems, other times it’s just a bunch of second hand clothing that are just overly priced cast offs from Primark. We did pop into the big yellow vintage shop and I picked this little cut out belt which I love which was a bargain £4. I am definitely going to try and wear it in an outfit for tomorrow! It’s such a sweet candy pink colour and matches the pink wall in my bedroom in my student house! Yay!