Last Minute

Today I went to do my last minute shopping for my trip to New York which includes boring things like travel sized toothpaste and bottles. The plan is for me to travel down to my friend’s house in Gloucester and then her parents are going to drive us down to our friend who lives In London. We’re staying the night then we have our flight early Wednesday morning at 830am. It’s going to be amazing fun!

This was what I wore today. The dress always reminds me of Cadbury’s chocolate but unfortunately didn’t photograph very well. I also realise that my mirror is in definite need of a clean!
I’m wearing…
Cardigan (H&M)
Dress (French Connection)
Leggings (TopShop)
Belt (New Look)
Shoes (Stark)

So ok, I said I was doing last minute shopping for bits and bobs. This stretched to the inclusion of yet another dress in a fab pinky-orange colour which was from the RARE concession in Topshop. I really like it belted with my thin brown accessorize belt. It was too cute to pass and my sister was a bad influence but I did put back an overly priced dress so I was somewhat restrained! Maybe you guys will see it when I next get paid!

Right, got to finish packing then I will be gone for a week yay!