Bit of Purple Floral for you.

Today I went out with my mom and my grandmother and while I was at it, I picked up my travel insurance from the post office. New York is only 5 days away! I also realised that Hong Kong is roughly 3 weeks away which definitely adds to the excitement. I plan to do most of my clothes shopping in Hong Kong because it is just so much cheaper. Outfit-wise, I bought this Topshop skirt a while ago and love the floral pattern with the little embroidered patches on it like the magic 8 ball. I spotted the skirt in my local TopShop so I guess it’s going to be on loads of girls. That’s the thing with TopShop, I love it but I know that everyone else loves it too. I’m wearing…
Green T-shirt (H&M)
Neckerchief (Vivienne Westwood)
Striped Purple Cardi (H&M)
Belt (Principles)
Skirt (Laura for TopShop)
Tights (Oasis)
Shoes (Carvela)

I’m off to get my hair cut tomorrow. Not really sure what I want yet but I am thinking of going for more layers and texture. I might even grow the bob out soon but that might have to wait until the Summer is over.