Back Home and (slightly) Organised

It was has definitely been a strange couple of days. I managed to move everything back home and luckily everything found it’s place back in my room at home. By home, I mean the family home and it’s great to have all my things in one place again. It still feels temporary though, as if I am just waiting to go back to Uni in October. I reckon I will stick it out here for around two years before I can really afford to move back out again. Going to university is seriously crippling on the money front! I have also been back at my part time work (I work for House of Fraser) but I may have to find a more full time job soon. Anyway, after work I changed into this outfit…ready to go out and meet some friends but unfortunately it was one of those days when it just didn’t happen. Well…perhaps I have to admit a bit of laziness on my part. I didn’t really fancy a one hour bus journey for a 30mins catch up. I’m seeing them on Friday for my results day anyway (I am desperate for a 2:1 classmark for my degree!). Ok, gotta focus, you might be surprised that I am not wearing a belt! I do love the print on the t-shirt.

Floral Angel Motif T-Shirt (Urban Frenzy, no website but It was from the concession floor in Oxford Circus, TopShop)
High waisted Shorts (TopShop)
Tights (unbranded)
Shoes (KG)
Cardigan (H&M)

So seeing as I didn’t go out in the end, I set about organizing my wardrobe which still needs a bit of a sort out. I need to get rid of some more clothes that I just don’t wear anymore! I know many of you like the collage on the wardrobe doors, so here, I present my wardrobe! Ta da!