Revision Break

Yes, I have an exam on Friday and Saturday but sometimes you have to take a little time out! I don’t even know why I bother saying my posts will be slow this week! The exam went OK on Monday but you can never be totally happy with what you’ve written, it was particularly horrible walking out and seeing a girl in floods of tears- I hate the pressure of exams, especially as these are finals and are possibly my last ever exams!
This morning I got up early to accompany my housemate into town to the chinese supermarket to help explain what certain foods were. She is obsessed with chinese culture at the moment, mostly because she is going to Beijing for a year to teach! How amazing huh?

We made a pit stop in the Bullring Shopping centre and checked out TopShop and Office. Of course I couldn’t afford anything apart from some Daffodil hair clips (which I will have to show you guys soon-flower hair decorations are my latest obsession!) as of course my new debit card hasn’t arrived yet (after last weeks disaster with the cash point!) Anyway, I really want the dress and shoes below. I was a bit surprised that the dress I picked up was Kate Moss. I really don’t want to buy into the brand of Kate Moss but I can’t help what I like!