Rainy Days and Magazines.

It’s a horrible rainy day and me and my housemate were going to visit a bunch of art galleries today but the rain has kept us indoors. Here is my rainy-day indoors outfit where I will be spending the rest of the day watching episodes of SATC in preparation for seeing the film on Friday. I will also be reading for pleasure instead of reading books that require a hammer and chisel in order to break down and understand! I will be reading my magazines which have been sitting on my bedroom floor for ages! As well as reading another book (The wind up bird chronicle) by my favourite author, Haruki Murakami whose surreal works are always a mind-boggling treat! Oh, I feel so lazy.

It seems all my clothes in this outfit are from Topshop! Navy T-shirt, Wool Vest, Long Marl Cardigan, Black Leggings, Pink canvas flats.
Necklace- Miss Selfridge

One of my other housemates had her last exam today and we decided to go to the pub to celebrate! So out came my New Look belt which is going through a ‘it’s new so I’m going to wear it everyday phase’, Some Topshop heels were added to dress it up a bit! Though I did swap the shoes for a different pair in the end because it was still raining and needed a more practical pair!
I’m also over the moon that you all approve of the dress I bought for the soiree, makes the purchase even more worthwhile!

It’s also a bit strange knowing some of my friends have just discovered my blog! I obviously haven’t been telling the world I have one, but a few more people know now. I hope I don’t come across at all vain! Blogging is just so much fun! Hello if you’re reading….