Purple Haze

Here is an outfit post from today. I couldn’t decide between the first or second but ultimately decided on the first one. This was because the butterfly belt in the second picture is a bit impractical for sitting at an exam for 3 hours!(Thanks for all the good luck wishes!) The first outfit is apparently my Veruca Salt outfit according to my housemates. All that purple! I’m wearing a Red Urban outfitters Pirate T-shirt, TopShop jersey dress, Urban Outfitters elastic belt, H&M black cardigan and Topshop purple tights, Faith Flats. (I’ve been so lazy with shoes lately, I keep wearing the same ones but I guess when it’s exam time, comfort is key!) Lastly in this collage, I’m wearing H&M black cardigan, Urban Outfitters Skull Detail Top, Urban Outfitters Blue Jersey Skirt, TopShop purple tights, Belt (a gift from my sister, but I think it was from Pop Boutique in Liverpool) I have to wear the butterfly belt more often because I really love it!

I realise that I really do have a fair amount of belts to play around with! It’s always sad when you break one (like the purple one in the last post) but it always gives me an excuse to buy a new one! They really do finish off an outfit sometimes don’t they? Right, I’m off to bed!