Mighty Fine

Yesterday was a mighty fine day. After all those days of rain, it was lovely to see the sun make an appearance! I decided to go into town with my housemate as she had to get a haircut. Unfortunately that meant I would be browsing the shops idly while I waited. So off to Topshop I went but bought nothing. Even though the bag below did catch my eye.

Next door to Topshop was River Island. I never usually find anything in there as it always seems to have clothes that are on more of the tacky side. A perfectly nice top can be ruined by too many sequins or glitzy fabric. I love sequins but when they grace every single top in sight in a store, they are definitely less appealing. However on the odd occasion you do find something nice! I found a cotton, floral tiered tea dress (I have been looking for a nice Tea dress for ages). Yes it’s tiered and floral, so thats my Luella contribution to the blogosphere. I pulled off the buttons though because they were a bit too much, but left the little blue ones because annoyingly, they were sewn on really tight and would have left rather large, gaping holes in the material if I had continued to prise them off the dress. I need to keep away from the shops now because at this rate I will have no spending money for New York!

We also went to to New Art Gallery, Walsall (about 20mins out of Birmingham) which had an enormous collection of sculptures by Jacob Epstein, a British expressionist sculptor which were wonderful. I loved how they did not have a chronology to their display, so a Renaissance piece was happily exhibited next to a 21st century Light Box Painting. Bizarre, but definitely refreshing! They had a ‘celebrity’ themed exhibition and Alison Jackson‘s photographs were rather amusing. The one of George Bush looking a bit perplexed over a rubix cube cracked me and my housemates up. Definitely check out her work, some of it is a bit controversial such as the Diana or Michael Jackson photos but some of them are just hilarious! Just so you know, she uses Lookalikes and is currently recruiting look-a-likeys for her next set of photos! So if you look like Lily Allen/Gordon Ramsay drop her an email!
Off to watch SATC tonight and then having a lovely meal with a couple of my friends! Oh the excitement!