It’s Carnival Time!

So graduation is nearly in sight (as soon as I get these horrible exams over and done with) and while thousands of students will be queuing for their Gradball tickets tomorrow (a hefty £65 and only 1000 tickets avaliable) my Art History department organises a much cheaper affair (our summer soiree) at only £25 and as my closest friends are from my course, it seems obvious that I should go to this one. It is always themed, last years was Silver Screen and this year is….Carnival. This conjures up hideous images of diamante bikinis, tassles and lots of feathers! Or more hilarious images of this little woman (or man???)I am far more intrigued by the Venice Carnivals with their elaborate masks and amazing costumes! They are quite scary actually and are more along the lines of the carnivalesque of the eighteenth century. I think that I will be finding a mask from a craft store and creating my own version possibly merging a little Brazillian carnival into it in the form of a few colourful feathers!
In this collage I’m wearing blue leopard print cardigan by Upper Fifth (found in the ground floor section in Oxford Circus, TopShop, Purple French Connection Dress and a red stone necklace found from a market.