Floral, Movies and Cocktails.

Yesterday I wore my new dress to see SATC with a couple of my housemates. In the photo I’m wearing the River Island Dress with a Lime Oasis cardigan, Accessorize belt and Flower pin borrowed off my housemate. I’m definitely looking quite floral! Sorry there is no full length shot but my mirror at uni is a nightmare. I lean it against the wall and always end up with photos that make me look even shorter than I really am! I guess I don’t need to put up with it for much longer as I will be back home with the parents quite soon!

The film was good and even if you’re not much of a fan you’ll like it just for the extensive wardrobe changes! Yes it’s predictable and suitably girly but that’s what you want from a tv show turned movie, right?
I enjoyed it and the night was finished off with a meatball calzone and cocktails. Good times.
Anyway I’m off to plan New York with the housemates!