Feeling Fruity

I’ve taken 10 minutes from my revision (I have an exam tomorrow afternoon, number 323 in the great hall- scary huh?) I thought I would post up my purchases from a couple of days ago! I went shopping and bought two lovely dresses! The first is a lemon yellow dress from New Look, it’s very sweet and girly. Even though I’m not one for ruffles, they do look rather lovely on this dress. I have been wanting a yellow dress for a long time, and I’ve finally found a shade that actually suits me and doesn’t wash me out! I also bought a little blue rose hair clip from Accessorize, I want to wear flower hair clips all through the summer! Next is my favourite purchase and is a jersey patterned dress with coral coloured crochet detail on the upper section. I do love the vintage-quirky feel to the dress. The dress was from Joy and by Danish label MbyM Unfortunately there does not seem to be a decent website for the store or the label. It was in the sale but it wasn’t until I arrived home that I noticed that the dress has slightly more material on the right which isn’t hugely noticeable according to my housemates (sorry no photos to show this!). I would wear it with a belt anyway so it really doesn’t bother me and don’t plan on returning it. I’m wearing a leather plaited belt from Accessorize with the dress and antique-gold flats from Faith Anyway those are my purchases and hope you guys like them as much as I do!