Scarfy People

I’ve been home from Uni for nearly three weeks now and brought a handful of clothes back with me thinking I would be fine with the things I left in my wardrobe at home. It’s been fine clothes-wise but what I have been missing are all my scarves! My sister and I are very scarfy people and while I brought home my favourite lime pashmina and cotton purple scarf, I want my little neckerchiefs and ribbony scarves! Thankfully I remembered that I had my Vivienne Westwood neckerchief (it was a birthday gift but it was only £15, I’m sure it’s the cheapest thing of her things and was bought at the Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester) and it has cute skeletons and teddybears on it. You can never have enough scarves (but then don’t we all say that about clothes/shoes/bags?) I always feel something is missing if I’m not wearing something round my neck, be that a scarf or a necklace. On a side note, I also can’t believe how much I like Paramore at the moment, yes they are a sceney-trendy-emo band, but damn they are catchy and I’m not ashamed to admit that!