Purple and Green.

I’ve got to take a break from my revision and what better than doing some ‘window’ shopping on the internet?

I love the purple skater dress from American Apparel. Though I would probably find it more wearable if it was less shiny and perhaps even jersey. I’m also after a green dress and spotted this sleeveless number off the Topshop website. It’s more lemon-lime green though and I want a deeper green. I like the style though as it’s quite good for layering. Still on the subject of green I got some eyeshadows in the post the other day which I had ordered from the MAC mail order service as I wanted some Pro colours. They arrived in a huge box which was ridiculous but I guess the idea was to stop the eyeshadows from shattering. I was after some green eyeshadows as it is one of my favourite colours to wear. The actual store doesn’t have a great selection to choose from either which was surprising and I ordered the two green colours a couple of days ago. They’re Lime and Biogreen and they’re amazing. Lime is a matte colour and Biogreen is a yellow-green with gold shimmer. Together they make quite a fluorescent duo, but I have been toning down Lime with brown eyeshadows like Wedge. Biogreen was in a pot while Lime was a pan refill and as you can see I accidently nicked the Biogreen while I was depotting it (to fit in my palette) which was annoying. I keep doing this to all my depotted shadows due to using tweezers to pry them out of the pot (see youtube’s Enkore on depotting). So yeah, the hunt is on for a green dress to wear with my lovely green eyeshadows!