Paddy Fields and Vintage Scarves

Today I have absorbed a lot of interesting information. Not only did I revise but I went to a guest lecture on Neuro-Art-History. Sounds interesting? Well it was and the lecturer was definitely engaging (he’s a bit of a bigwig in the British Art History world) He even launched into an American accent as he described a trip to a billionaire’s house and had dinner with the likes of Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns and Phillip Johnson. Subtle name dropping no? What did make me raise my eyebrows was his sweeping comment on the fact that Chinese artists paint on flat surfaces (rather than on an easel like westerners) was solely down to paddy fields and rice gathering where they are hunched over in the fields. Apparently the westerner chose to use a palette and brushes because it reflected the shield and sword of a knight. Please, did the Chinese not use swords too? Aside from this it was thought provoking and we got to sample some yummy snacks afterwards at the reception.

Also, plans to go to London this Friday to check out some exhibitions. I’m getting my hair cut this weekend too as the bob and fringe has grown out! Seriously, maintaining a hair style can be expensive business! It’s scary because I noticed lots of people at the lecture with bobs…I hope it’s not too much of an Art History thing! In my photo I’m wearing my favourite purple H&M hoodie and a vintage paisley print scarf which I wear so often in the Summer months that it has to be my best vintage find! The scarf section is definitely where I’ve found most of my treasures!