Outfit changes and Hot Pink Lippy.

So today I decided to wear my blue t-shirt dress that I got from the French Connection Sale in the summer and was all ready to go when I noticed a mark on the top. So I put it into the wash basket and changed into a purple French Connection dress (again, a sale purchase) and layered it with a purple top that I found in the UO sale in January. Luckily I was going shopping on my lonesome so wasn’t rushing to meet anyone. I actually prefer to shop on my own because I like taking my time over the things I’m going to buy whereas you often can’t hang around for ages with friends. Having said that, if someone wants to go shopping, I am totally there. I guess the main problem is that I’m easily influenced, if someone says I look great in something it will probably end up draped on my arm ready to pay at the cash desk! I am getting much better at making my own decisions though these days.

Again, I didn’t buy any clothes but I did spot some shoes from Oasis that were lovely but were a little out of my price range at £35. Topshop was looking a lot better though but after I made a stop at MAC Selfridges I headed home as I didn’t want to spend any more money.

As you have probable gathered, I love MAC make up and Heatherette for MAC was out on Thursday. I got the Hollywood Nights (hot pink lipstick) and Style Minx Lipglass. These were the only wearable colours of the collection for me as everything else would have made me look dead. I am so in love with the packaging, its so tacky that it’s just fabulous! The make up artists were all wearing pink sequinned cowboy hats (very camp, very Heatherette!) and had a pale pink lipstick on (called Melrose Mood) which made them look like strange spacey space-cowboys. Very strange, but fun!