The Non-Shopper

It’s funny how sometimes you can walk into a store and want everything in sight…while other times you want absolutely nothing. This is what I’ve been like for the past few weeks. None of the things in the shops excite me at the moment, maybe it’s because it’s that wierd transitional period between Spring and Summer. There were several things that I tried on today. A green dress from Miss Selfridge which looked nice on the hanger but ultimately It wasn’t a flattering shape. I put it back and I’m glad I did, because I looked on their website and it seems it was meant to be tiger print…and just doesn’t look the same and a bit tacky looking. I then headed to Topshop and tried on a pink swirly embroidered top which I thought would be good for layering. I realised that this particular colour pink was soooo not me. It reminded me of pink blamonge (does anyone still make that stuff?) I also grabbed another dress that I had seen earlier in the year but in a different colour. I couldn’t find the image on the website but it was essentially a black and navy, vertically stripped, knitted dress. It had red edging and it was all too Nautical in the end for my liking, plus the stripes made my eyes go funny. This realisation and the fact it was knitted meant that I wouldn’t be able to wear it in the summer. So everything was handed back to the girl at the entrance to the changing rooms. I can’t believe I actually saved my pennies today but I do hope the shopper in me reveals itself the next time I go shopping.