More Pink…and Dolce Latte?

I realised after reading Style Bytes Thrifted Bow ties that I had infact bought some stuff recently that wasn’t make up. In fact a couple days ago I went with my mom to Matalan. It’s good for cheap kid’s clothes but everything else in there was just poor quality. Sort of like Primark but even less fashionable, obviously I wasn’t very impressed but I did leave with a pink bow hairband for £2.50. It was too cute to let it pass by! Keeping with the pink theme I painted my nails with Barry M’s no.272 pink nail polish. All that pink Heatherette stuff really has gone to my head.

I went for a meal with my friend yesterday. I found some shoes that I bought around Christmas but were slightly on the small side. I don’t know why, but maybe it was too cold for my feet to register any pain…aside from this my friend also had to reassure me that I didn’t smell at all ‘toiletty’ (my mom bought one of those air fresheners that squirt scent into the air every now and then and I swear thats all I could smell on the bus) we went to Bella Italia, an Italian resturant. I ended up ordering a dish with chargrilled chicken with a white sauce. For some reason I overlooked the fact that Dolce Latte was on it, and since then I’ve realised it is one stinky cheese. It’s safe to say I definitely won’t be ordering that again. I’m just glad it wasn’t goats cheese because I probably wouldn’t have touched the whole dish…now that is some stinky cheese!