Fun Illustrations

Just a quick post today as I really haven’t got the time as I’m packing all my things to go back for the last month of Uni! I also have to fit in some revision and reading over an essay somewhere today too. It’s lovely and sunny and warm (yes thats right- warm in April in England?) and it makes me think of the wonderful illustrations by fellow Brit, Matt Sewell whose works can be found graffitied on walls, commissioned in shops and in the form of fab art prints. His images are fresh and energetic and fun and make me smile. I think I randomly found him when I was researching graffiti artists when I was doing my A level art nearly 5 years ago. It’s great when you ‘discover’ an artist without any input from teachers/friends or lecturers and I thought I would share him with you guys! He’s more well known these days. Anyway here is a link to his website. I think he’s fantastic and for me, I get just as excited with his work as I do when I come across my favourite poster artist Alphonse Mucha. Check him out and enjoy!