New Wave Icons.

I adore French cinema and 1960s New wave is definitely a favourite. This post features two of my favourite films of all time which also feature New Wave star, Jean-Luc Belmondo who always seems to be smoking a big fat cigar, there is something very watchable about him! Anyway…one of my favourite films of that decade include ‘A bout de souffle’ (directed by Jean-Luc Godard) which featured the American actress, Jean Seberg. In ‘A bout de Souffle’, Jean Seberg has her trademark cropped blonde hair and at one point wears an amazing striped dress, which I managed to find a picture of! She makes me want to scour thrift shops for a similar dress and a big wide belt and actually give into nautical fashion.

The second part of this post is on one of my favourite actresses, Anna Karina (who was friends with Coco Chanel back in the day!) Anna Karina features in many of the movies directed by the New wave legend, Jean-Luc Godard (they eventually married) She is fantastic in ‘Une femme est une femme’ and I particularly love her style in this film. She influenced my choice of wearing liquid eyeliner and blue or red tights when I watched this film for the first time, years ago. I’m still on the hunt for a beret that suits me! Both these ladies are incredibly stylish and influential in these movies but…I think it might be a blue tights and eyeliner day tomorrow!