Going back in time..

I’m a firm believer that dresses are the most versatile form of clothing for us girls. So as ever, in my brief break from revision I surfed the internet for various lovelies! I like ruffles, but I can never pull them off, i’ve tried on a couple of those tiered tops too and they make me look square and shapeless. So this dress might be a welcome compromise.

In all its 50’s retro polka dot glory, it’s something I can see the lovely Regina Specktor wearing. However I suspect that if I were to try it on in real life, it would be too long as well as probably making me look a bit too momsy. The dress is £25 from ye olde toppyshop.
Internet surfing also allows you to browse items that are just way out of your price range. This means you can safely rummage away in the safety of your own home rather than having some eagle-eyed shop assistant watching your every move. However, I have to admit that when I do go to my local Selfridges, I don’t tend to get stared at too much, I wonder whether it’s because there are always quite a few chinese girls browsing the Vivienne Westwood area (all with Louis Vuitton/westwood or chanel bags) and then there is me with my less expensive but practical bag. Anyway I found the following dress by Jovovich-Hawk priced at £320.

I haven’t really warmed to much of the offerings from the model turned actress turned fashion designer, but I like the simplicty of this dress. It has a vague Edwardian feel to it. I like the fact that all the detail is in the upper part of the dress and for a someone who is quite short (I think I’m about 5’1″ but i refuse to find out my real height because I suspect I may be shorter) this is a great dress as it takes the attention away from possible shortness and towards the upper body.

So moving from the 1950s, the 1900s and back to my revision on C17 France. Oh the joy.