Cables and Flowers

On my wall there are these photos that were taken from an exhibition last year at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. The artist was Carolyn Godsiff and the work made from core copper cable, cable clips, extension leads, sockets and wire was ‘Untitled’ from 2005-6. The exhibition was held in it’s own room and as you entered the room, it was eerily jungle-like, with low lighting among a mass of white cables on the floor. The cable ends have been twisted to resemble beautiful new plant forms. The act of reusing wire or tin is nothing new and the artist adapts a South African craft where women and children have traditionally made toys and trinkets from discarded wire to make a living. I remember feeling quite overwhelmed at the feeling of peace that the tangle of electricity cables could bring. I loved the ‘roots’ of the flowers and the organic shapes that were made, I really loved this paradox between nature and the man made material. A very strange but great experience!