Hello! I haven’t blogged in the past few days because I’ve been super busy rewriting various parts of my dissertation and generally making sure It was at a finished standard. I’ve never felt so stressed in my life, I only had about 2 hours sleep on Tuesday…but it’s all over now! I can never listen to The Beach Boys again without recalling those few days of intense stress and being glued to my laptop!

So, lets get back into the blogging mood! I was browsing on facehunter and came across this photo of a girl with super huge chunky wedges! I don’t quite know how she walks in them, because I certainly couldn’t! They’re so chunky and heavy looking! I guess the angle that the photo has been taken from do make the shoes even more humungus! They kind of remind me of when I was younger when me and my sister used to build lego shoes and walk around the house in them, we felt like giants! Good times! My mom is always telling me to buy shoes with a bit of a heel because I’m quite short, I think I’m around 5 ft ish. I don’t own that many, mainly because the walk into Uni requires comfy footwear, especially as there is a cobbled path towards the Library. Heels are lethal, and I’m surprised I’ve not seen someone trip on the cobbles!

What do you guys think of wedges? My sister hates them but I don’t mind. I certainly wouldn’t be caught in those huge ones as seen above (might accentuate my shortness!) but I do find myself looking at shoes with little wedges. I guess for someone who doesn’t wear heels often, wedges are a bit easier to adapt to!

I’m off home tomorrow morning for Easter break which I’m quite looking forward to! Nice to have a change of scenery for a while and de-stress! My friends from home are all back in town too, and a bit of shopping and having a catch-up will do the world of wonders.