Time for some recycling…

So here we go again, another post on the wonders of Japan. The country is half way through their fashion week at the moment and today I have spent ages today trawling throught the photos that are on the Japan Fashion Week website. It was one of few things that got me excited today as the dissertation deadline looms ever closer!

The collection from earlier on in the week from Mintcollection really caught my eye! It’s hard to tell from the images but the hair pieces are made from shredded paper. There was a definite recycling-newspapery vibe going on with the collection. These were seen in various garments with a newspaper print as well as more shredded paper adorning the shoes. While the merging of recycling and fashion is nothing new, the shredded paper did make me ponder the idea of borrowing my housemate’s paper shredder and possibly sticking my creations onto some sort of garment.

However I do believe that a bit of glue, a hair grip and a pop pom made out of shredded paper could turn into a nice hair accessory. See, the possibilities of recycling are endless! (the same housemate would love me for this as she is huge on recycling). At the same time, with the weather we’ve been having at the moment, I might just end up with soggy newspapery bits in my hair after the rain and wind has attacked it.

Apart from the shredded paper, Take a look at those tights (well you could hardly miss them) it was those tights that made me sit up and take notice. I need some of those aqua coloured ones….