The Return of the Perm

Well, it seems that the Perm is back! I always wanted curly hair when I was younger and this probably goes to all children who have poker straight hair and have friends who have perfect ringlets. Though I recently found out that my friend’s mother actually curled her hair every night to achieve the ringletty look! It was actually just as straight as mine. This was quite a revelation when I found out earlier this year and just seems so silly. I loved my friends now, ‘fake’ curly red hair and begged my mom to perm my hair . I’m suprised that she actually agreed to give the perm a try (I think I was quite young) but it didn’t actually work. It only ever became curly when it was wet which wasn’t the point at all. The girl was also a red head and apparently I came home from school crying because I wanted this girls gorgeous red, ringletty hair. Thankfully this dream was never fully realised, being a red-headed curly haired chinese kid would not have done me any favours at school. It’s funny, because if I wasn’t writing about perms that memory would not have resurfaced.

As I was growing up all the adults had them and my mom was one of those 80s perm fans. Quite scary! It seems that today, Perms are being requested more than ever at hairdressers and local shops have been selling far more home kits than ever before. It comes after the BBC 80s drama, ‘Ashes to Ashes’ which I haven’t seen yet (picture above) where the lead actress sports a perm. Apparently because of this, the UK is embracing the perm once more. There were of course the influences from the catwalk but I don’t have the time to trawl through the images to put one up here…but here is one I found when randomly googling 80s perms. It’s one of those things that you hate to love. Haha. Having said that, there is not a chance that I will be going to get my hair permed any time soon….