The Future…

The future is a scary place.
I should be writing some more on my dissertation but all I can think about is what I might be doing when I finish Uni. You can just about spot the London College of Fashion Postgrad prospectus just below my outfit image and that is just one option I might end up taking. I’m thinking of doing 3 day course in Fashion Branding in the summer and maybe a MA in Fashion Journalism Sept 2009. I really have no idea though, it’s such a daunting prospect.
Or the other option is going for some work experience which might prove to be more useful. This most likely means moving to London and staying with relatives. Argh! So many people I know have plans for next year, from postgraduate study, Jobs and travelling, I feel at a bit of a loss…Does anybody know what they want to do in the future?? I just know I want to work in the Media Sector and thats a huge area!

It’s too much to think about at the moment though but it’s always lurking in the back of my mind. However I should probably get on with my dissertation, then onto an essay and then….the finals! It seems all my exams are over two days so while it is great they’ll be over and done with very soon, I’m going to be under the most stress I will ever have experienced in my life as my degree relies heavily on exams. Oh no! Gotta go work hard now….