The Daily Make Up

Make up is a funny thing because lets face it, the majority of us don’t need it at all. It’s something that has grown out of habit, a confidence booster and for some…a bit of an obsession. Just take a look at Fops and Dandies post on the crazy Lip Gloss Collectors It makes me laugh every time I see those photos because it’s just so silly but my 10 year old sister would have a field day uncapping them, sniffing them and trying them all on. Ha.
Anyway lets get straight to the point. Below is a photo of the stuff I use.
I actually don’t really wear much make up but do put the effort in when I’m going out somewhere with friends. My daily routine consists of face wash (whatever brand I am currently using which has gone from Neutrogena, Clinique to Kiehls) and then followed with a good moisturiser. A cheap but nice brand is Body Shop’s Vitamin E cream.

I then apply concealer which is something that is a must have. I currently use MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer which provides an all, over coverage. Next comes eyeliner, a curl of the lashes and a bit of blush. I will use a blot powder to finish which is really good for my oily prone skin. Sometimes I will opt for more coverage and use a powder such as the Clinique perfectly real compact shown above.

When I do use eyeshadow I always apply Urban Decay’s Primer Potion which makes the eyeshadow brighter and stay put all day. Most of my eyeshadows are from a MAC pallette which I was bought for Christmas and I’ve gradually filled over time. It’s pretty and like a paint box.

I don’t wear mascara and don’t wear lip products on a daily basis. My routine is actually pretty simple!