The call of the Shoe

Yesterday as I was out shopping for a Mother’s day gift and my Dad’s Birthday present I got distracted a little and ended up buying these shoes from TopShop (excuse the dirty mirror). I still love the patent grey ones but they didn’t have any in my size and ended up spending a little bit of my Chinese New Year money on these shoes. It was incredibly hard to walk away from them and I ended up giving in. Luckily TopShop do a student discount so I don’t feel so bad. They’re Navy blue with suede that wraps around the shoe.

I wore them today to a family meal which was 9 courses! It amounted to more like 14/15 as there were loads of little dishes. From Lobster to Tapioca Desert. It was great! It was for my baby cousin as it is traditional for chinese families to celebrate the newborn reaching a month old.

I feel a bit stressed though because I really haven’t done enough work this weekend…ahhh! Before I go I must leave you with some details from the latest theatrical offerings from Galliano. Time to make some coffee…!