The Wishlist

I don’t know about everyone else but on my laptop is a folder I call my wishlist. Currently top of my wishlist is the teadress. While there was a huge craze over the Kate Moss teadresses that came out initially and subsequently sold out (especially the pansy print one) I never wanted one until now. The Kate Moss ones were hideous on me anyway. It’s something that I can wear come Spring and also in the Summer on holiday. Me and the housemates seem to be shouting “this will be prefect for NY” a little too much lately. It is the perfect excuse to shop though, the pre-holiday shop, even though it ISN’T for another few months yet! Typical girls huh? Speaking of New York I can’t get the song by the Wombats out of my head, ‘Moving to New York’….it’s annoyingly catchy. The result of listening to way to much Radio One lately. But hey, I like what I like 🙂

Dresses are prefect for me because I’m quite short so I have a much harder time buying jeans which I end up having to alter anyway. I like the versatile nature of dresses and is probably the one type of clothing I wear most of the time. The dresses shown are from Oasis (£50) and TopShop (£45).

I’m also digging these grey faded shoes from TopShop and are £35. I wear way too many flats and need a new heel to throw into the daily routine. I’ve got to go shopping for a birthday present for the dad and mother’s day gifts on saturday so I might check these items out in real life.