Window Shopping is Impossible

Well, my shopping trip on Saturday meant a trip to UO and I did indeed buy that blue jacket that i’ve been lusting after. I have to admit it was such a great purchase 🙂 yay.
It’s actually a great little jacket and has a removable jersey hood. I think I prefer it without the hood, but I like that little extra addition. The colour isn’t quite as bright as the UO website suggested, but I guess that’s a given with the studio lighting. I’ve yet to see the jacket in full daylight though. It has little snap buttons which allow you to button back the jacket so you get a sort of lapel shape.

The other option is to button the jacket it all the way up. Which looks good too and actually looks quite different to the first option.

I was a bit torn between buying the small or medium but i went for the small in the end, seeing as it was just slightly more fitted and being quite short i should choose to wear slightly more fitted clothes.

Ahh, UO twice in one week? You’d think I was made of money (good thing I worked during Christmas! hours of tidying away sale mess was well worth it). I still can’t believe i managed to buy a leather bag for £40.

Looking at the photos, I really need to get my fringe cut as well as needing a motorbike to complete the look. Luckily i can get my fringe done for free at my salon. The motorbike is another matter. Being so short, I wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals (actually…i don’t think they have pedals?!?).

Anyway I’m rambling, I need to stay away from shops now (even though i think a dainty floral dress would look fab against the tougher edge of the jacket) I really need to save the pennies for the future stateside shopping spree…which is now official, we booked the tickets today, staying at the Salisbury Hotel in a huge suite room, with kitchenette and everything. It’s going to be amazing! I don’t want it to come round too quickly though because it marks the end of an era, the end of uni forever-which is all a bit sad, but might find a graduation outfit in NY. I will definitely be reporting back when the time comes!