Stupid Sales

Some sales are just bad bad bad bad BAD! I have just found out that the jacket I bought last week from UO has been slashed in price, by over 50% (the result of me perusing the UO site again when I’m bored so I am avoiding it for a while!) I am soo sooo mad! That purchase as well as booking the NY holiday has meant Shopping is off limits for a while.
I’m at home for reading week (study week) and so my receipt is back at uni. Even if I did go back and return it and buy it back again, whose to say they will let me? Working at department stores, this is generally frowned upon and no one likes doing those sort of refunds. It’s all a bit cheeky somehow, even though there is nothing to stop the customer from doing so. I just don’t feel comfortable in that position seeing as I’ve been on the other end too. Maybe I’m just being stupid.

This is really rubbish. I need some air…